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Name: Sandi.
Qualifications: School of Life, eternal student. Enrolled in the home study course. No plans to graduate for a good many years.
Occupation: Writer, marketing director, and director of communications/AV. Also musician, artist, part-time staff to two cats in residence, and lover of the written and spoken word, nature, comic fantasy, geekiness, British humour, tea, many things sci-fi/fantasy, and all things animal, spiritual, and elemental.
Preoccupations: Writing, writing craft, storytelling, comic fantasy, British humour, telling and sharing good stories, inspiring others, Sebastian and Fluffs (my cats,) nature, the wonderful outdoors, adventures, daydreams, imagination, reflections, and writing. Travel, exploration, experiences, beauty, my homeland of Scotland and the moors, Tao, Buddhism, spirituality, chocolate, and tea.

Semi-nomadic explorer, healer, adventurer, geek, techie, optimistic realist, and all round unconventional person of Scottish roots, with a penchant for creative problem solving, taking risks (and somehow they pay off,) helping people, and carpe'ing the hell out of that diem.

I'm currently employed as a marketing director and the director of audio-visual/communications. Yep, I work two jobs. And when I'm not working, I'm probably looking for my next adventure or on it, sitting and thinking about life, spending time with people I care about, or writing. Right now my focus is more on finding out where I am going in my life, figuring this out, and putting all the pieces in play for a longer-term plan of how to get there. So, not much time for writing, but I decided I love blogging too much to give it up entirely, so I'm restarting this blog. And hopefully it will help me keep my thoughts in order as I figure out how to make my dreams happen.

I'd like to publish some of my work. I'd like to find an audience for that work and find people who appreciate it and find something my stories that resonates with them and helps them or speaks to them in their lives. I'd like to connect with other writers. I'd like to finally take a ride on a motorcycle. I'd like to go hot air ballooning, and para-gliding. I'd love to travel Europe and my homeland of Scotland and the UK. I'd like to find my place or point in the world that allows me to help, inspire, and be of service to people on a regular basis. Whether that's EMS, or counseling, or something that's unknown to me at this time. And I'm currently working on how to make my dreams of becoming a helicopter and fixed-wing pilot come true. (Would love to fly search and rescue/EMS and teach people to fly and help make other people's dreams come true!)

Just a typical idealistic, go-getting INFP cruising along. :)

(For anyone who's finding me through fandom, I'm primarily a Supernatural, Sherlock, and Doctor Who Fan, with a healthy and ever-developing side of Star Trek (TOS, AOS, TNG, and yes, even DS:9. I adore Farscape and Stargate: SG-1, although I'm not active in the fandom and neither of those fandoms cause me to lose hours of sleep reading fics on A03. However, I can claim to have seen several 6:30 a.m's due to reading ST, SPN, and Rivers of London fics. Apparently that's where the Really Awesome Authors hang out. If you ever want to chat fandom, any of those series', character studies, character friendships, plots, canon, etc. just send me a message. I'm pretty busy with work but I'm happy to chat.)
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